sábado, 21 de noviembre de 2015

Cristinas Trouble Chapter 5

Cristina could not move anything except her eyes and jaw slightly. She was grateful for being allowed to cast the cast not cover her eyes as she would have been unable to cope with the long term forced darkness/blindness. She was now sentenced to a six month plaster prison for the simple foolish misadventure of trying to go downstairs in her double hip spica, relying on her upper body strength instead of acknowledging her limited agility. 
She was disgusted for herself and now had to endure being lifted like a statue to have her bedpan given by her mother and sister and always having a Foley indwelling catheter as well as an intraveous feeding tube as her jaw was wired and there was no way to move it even without the wiring. The next six months dragged and she knew her body wouold be atrophied with her legs and arms losing all their muscle tone and strength.
In spite of all this, meanwhile, Ms Plinsky, whose first name was Natalia, was still envious of Cristina's cast and being a member of The Muscovy Caster's Club, which was a semi-secret society of cast enthusiasts and medical professionals who shared the same love of casts around Moscow and associate members connecting others from Russia and around the world on the Internet, her membership allowed her to go through the same experience of Cristina without having to endure the fractures! A hefty sum of money was paid to doctors in the Kruschev Hospital and the proper arrangements were made to put Natalia Plinsky in her body cast. It was arranged for her to come in at night after patient hours. An Orthopedic doctor from a different hospital was given access to the cast room and its equipment but had to buy his own supplies to make the cast. Natalia had a delivery made at her house from Grogan's medical supply which arranged by Fedex which involved several large cases of 6 inch plaster bandage, cast padding and stockinette. She and her friends came in a borrowed ambulance to avoid any suspicion. She was wheeled in on a ordinary Hospital rolling bed and lifted onto the casting frame. Her friend also arranged for a video camera and still digital camera as she was going to keep footage and photos for her own collection as well as sharing it with her fellow cast fans on the Internet. The stockinette was slid onto her arms, legs, body and head and cast padding carefully applied to avoid any folds or bumps. All of her body was covered with the heavy plaster bandages along with her arms all the way to nearly the tips of her fingers and down her legs to her toes, and the areas where her limbs met her torso were reinforced with several layers of cast splints over which more cast bandages were applied.
Up to this point, Natalia was able to watch all of the procedures with the help of an overhead mirror. She was also able to see her own Foley indwelling catheter inserted which gave her a delightful sense of intense pain as it's tube slid up her urethra without help of any sedation, as she requested. She enjoyed the pain as she was somewhat of a masochist! The next step was the scary adventure part as she never did this to any patient unless they already were blind but she wanted it herself. The people doing the casting put medical tape over her eyes, taping the eyelids shut. A shower cap was put over her long tresses of hair which were held by several bobbie pins, over which the cast padding was applied. Her jaws were the wired shut as as Cristina's were and then a hole was cut into both uppers arms, creating a "cast window" and an intravenous feeding tube was inserted. Then the cast bandages were applied to her head and over her eyes and as it hardened, Natalia at the same time felt imprisoned, scared and extremely stimulated to which she had a very strong orgasm. The "staff" laughed and giggled as they saw the white cream emit from her privates. She had her ears covered with plaster which already had ear plugs in them so she never knew about it at the time but it was all captured in several closeups on the video and digital cameras for her future embarassment!
A phony chart was written up, which Natalia Plinsky DID NOT request but had her listed as an truck/pedestrian accident victim with multitudinous fractures and she was given copies of Cristina's fracture X-rays which were given her own name. Natalia was written up as an accident victim at Kruschev Hospital so the hospital was reimbursed for her leave, even though she was there the whole time, six months in all, in the same room right next to Cristina, in her own body cast!