sábado, 14 de noviembre de 2015

Cristina Trouble Chapter 1

Cristina was walking down the stairs at the Tverskaya Street Moscow subway station when a sudden pain shot through her hips. Yes, she had had the pains before and frequently, probably three times a week, but nothing as severe as this episode. And now , this time it nearly made her black out. The pain resonated throught the insides of her hips and was accompanied by a general stiffness of her joints. She had no choice but to let herself fall to the ground. A kindly older gentleman, Sergei, saw her and called for an ambulance. It being Russia, and only 10 years removed from the Soviet system, things didn't happen quickly unless wheels were greased.

 The gruff voice on the other end of the line said sternly: "This is Olgosowsky Ambulance! We have nothing available right now. You will have to wait for 4 hours for service!" Sergei, who also happened to be an American-trained EMT and had worked on ambulance services before, luckily for Cristina, who was writhing on the ground in severe agony, said, " Never mind the speeches. This is Sergei of Ulyanovsk. My girlfriend is in severe pain, get the ambulance now who you'll hear from Mr Barshoff's boys!" The voice on the other end of the line suddenly changed and said, in a shakily way, knowing Mr Barshoff and what he could do when angry , replied, I'm very sorry Sergei, you know our ambulances can't be repaired because we can't get ahold of dollars and the repair men delay repairs when we offer them these worthless rubles! I can get the ambulance there in an hour or so". Sergei couldn't argue, knowing the dispatcher was telling the truth now so he said. "OK but don't delay!. You know what will happen if you do!"

An hour and a half went by and an old, 1060's era ambulance appeared. Its rear suspension was gone, making the rear sag and apparently jolt more than any ambulance should. Sergei saw this and swore under his breath but made no vocal protest as 2 cheerless 20ish men loaded Cristina onto the stretcher and into the ambulance. The ride was hellish and evidently aggravated Cristina's condition because as the ambulance hit each pothole and rut which were very common in these Moscow roads. Cristina screamed in agony, in horrible Russian curses. The ambulance finally arrived at the hospital and Cristina, while laying down, and being unloaded, saw it and recognized it. She had been here before and knew what she was in for. She rolled her eyes in semi-dread but anticipated eagerly what was awaiting her.