lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2015

Cristina Trouble Chapter 4 I'm sure you'll love it!

As she laid crumpled on the bottom of the stairway as a result of her foolish adventure, the ruckus aroused her mother and sister, Irina and Marta who quickly called for help and somehow avoided panicking. An ambulance crew was sent this time very quickly in a modern American made vehicle after the proper channels were notified and Cristina was gently and quickly loaded on board and taken to Nikita kruschev Memorial Hospital, yet again! 
Cristina awoke from her unconsciousness during the ambulance ride and mumbled "whr Im ah go" as her jaw was quite broken and she couldn't enunciate her words' The crew member cearest to her, Pavel, told her "Kruschev Hospital" and she rolled her eyes and passed out again, knowing THE BIG ONE was waiting for her and this accident had its name written all over it, and years of foreboding dreams had proceeded, where she dreamt of waking up and unable to move anything, and a young nurse bends over her and explains why to her.

Cristina was wheeled into the emergency room, where nearly 50 x-rays were taken and confirmed the obvious: nearly every bone in Cristina's body was broken, and those that were healing in the double hip spica were now rebroken. The double hip spica which was now a wreck itself was removed and Cristina, under heavy sedation, was having her bones reset which took 4 hours as 89 bones were broken and if she thought she was immobilized before, she was active compared to the current situation. Plaster covered her entire body, her right arm held closely to her body within the cast due to her massive shoulder injury which necessitated the position, her other arm immobilized in a shoulder spica built within and conjoined to a new double hip spica which also took in her head in a minerva body cast. The doctor wanted to cover her eyes as well, due to fractured eye sockets, but opted to allow the fractures to heal uncovered, so she could at least see, but could hardly hear, as plaster covered her entire head otherwise, including her ears Helping apply the cast, Ms Plinsky, who asisted in applying the large cast, as usual, giggled with envy as she wished she could be immobilized like Cristina, so much envying that she mentioned it to Dr Shlamov, who said he'd oblige, as he was well known in inner circles as a so-called "recreational caster". He told her she'd have to pay for casting materials and arrange for someone to watch over her as this was not a customary thing in medical circles. Ms Plinsky's, family were oligarchs who had massive newfound wealth in the post -Soviet years and was fortunate enough to have a few family members who knew about her hobby and assisted her in it! She called on her cellphone during lunch hour and her brother Mischa almost went out of his mind as he always wanted to cast a woman in a body cast, even if it was his own sister!
Back in the recovery room, meanwhile, after 4 hours of messy plaster application, Cristina laid on her new hospital, covered in Plaster from head to toe. She finally woke and couldn't talk except for a few "rrr" sounds, as her jaws were wired and a tube was taped into her mouth going down her throat. The following went like deja vu: THE SAME NURSE as in her dream bent over her and kindly said, with a smile, "You're in a full body cast, Cristina. You'll be in the cast for 6 months and you'll then be in various combinations of casts for another 8 months afterward as we want o make sure your fractures are healed. Meanwhile you're on a catheter, feeding tube and a tube down you throat to help you breathe, as your jaw is broken and so are most of your ribs so we want to keep your breathing constant and comfortable."