martes, 7 de abril de 2015

Cristina in FBS History

I was watching TV when Aksel called me and ask to be a model of such an interesting photo session. At first I did not understand and ask to explain what exactly it would be. He told that it would be FBC. I thought about this and decided to accept
We had already done big casts but not like this. From the one hand it would be interesting, but from the other hand I was little scared.

And in two days Axsel picked me up from my house and we went to his place. It was morning and we had all day long that is why we decided to have breakfast and wait for a friend of Aksel because we needed help. Nobody knew how exactly to do such a difficult work but everyone had his one minds about it and we began to use them in work.. Finally we began.

I was standing when gays were applying upper part for about one hour and felt how heavy was the plaster I began to been tired of standing all the time on my foot and wanted to lay down too much but the plaster was not ready enough for this and we could broke it, I need to stand for a more then 10 minutes more. Finally gays putted me down on the bad and began to apply down part Ö my legs and heaps. I could not move my head because my neck was locked in plaster too strong. I began realize that I could do nothing and just began dreaming about my life, about future, about everything just not to realize in what I am and how heavy physically and difficult morally that was for in that moment.

I was awaked by AnatolyÒs voice. He asked me was I dreaming or not.

I was wondering how long would they apply down part and Aksel told me that I should wait not more the 5-7 minutes. I was too much tired. I tried again to think about something how Aksel began to make photos. I thoughÔ Oh my God, when everything will finish

Aksel asked me how I was filling that moment I told that my neck was not Ok and I began to feel headache. I tried to think about something good but my head was full of stupid minds like Ó what will be if something wrong happen with Aksel and Anatoly Ö I would do nothing, If I cry and shout nobody will hear this.Ô I began to nervous too much gays understood everything they saw my face and did their best to finish as soon as possible. I and tried to cum down me.

When gays tried to make photos of me lying on left side I was so scared that always was crying Óhold me! hold me!

Finally they began to remove the cast from upper part : I was so happy when I could move my head and neck it was for me the most problem part, so the down part and my arms was nothing for me and I already could stay with it and make more photos.

When Aksel moved everything off from me I felt the best feeling on the world this feeling is FREEDOM

We cleaned everything up and went to have dinner!

P.S. Anyway it was interesting to feel something new in life. And I do not think I will forget it in nearest future!